MIDI Music

These were all converted to MP3 years ago. I don't even know if I have the original files anymore.

All tunes on this page were completely written out in Power Tracks (from PG MUSIC  - remember the people that brought you Band in a Box?) and PT had no score formatting so I had to remember what I wrote on every previous line as I would write out the next track.

Eventually, I got a clue to write it out like a piano score and then copy and paste the tracks, creating new lines by deleting unwanted notes. Even the drum/percussion section was done note by note and those tracks alone usually took an enormous amount of time to do.

No lines were played live and there are no loops or pre-recorded, purchased tracks. Just some mouse clicks trying to pass.

Again, these streams might not work if you're using an early version of Internet Explorer as your browser, but you can check them out from my Downloads page.

Move the Paint

Run time (3:30)

The title was a play on the old Roland Sound Canvas MIDI players that I used to monitor this stuff.
The original concept was "Techno Goes Live" where it starts very rigid and then I start writing out some lines that sound more like improvised solos. The drum solo that kicks it off took about a week to write.
When I was a kid, I saw a jazz harpist playing in a hotel lounge. That influence is in here along with my classical guitar studies in Henri Joubert's studio and my friends in every flute section in the world.

There's also a throw-in tribute to Return to Forever where I used a Spanish Phrygian scale near the end and with every Spanish Phrygian scale, there's usually a drum corps or marching band nearby ;)

Move The Paint

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Canyon Sunset
Run time - (0:48)

A MIDI file demo that I wrote in Power Tracks. I took a cello sound font and a flute sound font and converted those to waves in Audio Compositor. Then I moved those back into PT and mixed down the whole thing.
The publisher I sent this to said I should incorporate more live tracks like the one I did for the cello.

Canyon Sunset

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Dreaming Kings
Run time - (1:20)
This was a quickie experiment in PT in writing 3 parts for the same instrument (trumpet). I wound up importing the thing into DirectX Music Producer because I liked their string sections better than what I had and someone was thinking about programming a video game in DirectX. As usual, the project never got off the ground.
To be perfectly honest, while my intent was to showcase the trumpets, my favorite line belongs to the French horn.
Can you smell the Mussorgsky dripping from this thing?

Dreaming Kings

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Busy Bee Learning Video Game - Title Track
Run time (0:36)

Notice the really annoying violin bee sound.

This video game got as far as me signing contracts and that was it.
I think the developer eventually gave up and started promoting wrestling in Las Vegas.
Morale of the story: Never count on the programming skills of a 15-year-old to launch your business.

Busy Bee - Title

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We Glance Back

Run time (1:39)

A straight up short instrumental ballad experiment.
Truth be told, there are lyrics for this but I'd be hard pressed to find them.

We Glance Back

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Busy Bee Learning Video Game - Award Track
Run time - (0:48)

So, the little kid finishes a level and this is the award ceremony music.
I threw this piece in the front of the demo tape to get the contract.

Busy Bee - Award

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