My Music

There are a few people who are curious as to how I used to spend hours and hours in front of my computer.
Well, I paid some serious bucks for the computer and didn't want it to just sit there until something came through to my AOL address. When we got a sound card, I started to see if I could put some of my work on tape (that's VHS).
I never got really far and it seems like my writing changed with every piece of software - the limitations would create new opportunities but also new frustrations.

This was about as much as I could put together before I became completely fed up with these cumbersome processes.
Things seem to be looking better these days with the newer software releases.

If the stream doesn't work for you and you'd still like to hear the song, you can find it on the Downloads Page and either download it or play it in your default player. There will be more to come as I find time to upload them.