My Other Sites

Lil Birdies is a Print-on-Demand Store I just started that is all about cockatiels.
I've raised over 25 of them and still own 4 so I've been around these guys for awhile.
This store is hosted by Custom Design and Printed which is a Print-On-Demand store like CafePress or Zazzle.
Their prices are usually lower than those at CafePress.

An update to this is that I found out the other day that Custom Design and Printed, while based in Australia, outsources their printing to a company run out of Hong Kong.
There have been lots of complaints about the shipping times and I will be seeking another company to join with in the future.

Talking Cockatiels is a small, follow-up site to my Lil Birdies store that I just started building as a resource for cockatiel owners.
Covered so far is how to buy cockatiels, what the babies are like, how to feed babies, training, biting (and how to teach cockatiels the correct way to bite,) and some First Aid tips.
I have also recently started a page with an overview of favorite foods.

This used to be a content curating blog on Blogger. It quickly transitioned into a blog where I detailed my adventures in training for triathlons and cycling events.