Who Am I?

My name is Edie McKearney and I own many cockatiels, one parakeet, a few web sites and some blogs.

I went to the Berklee College of Music and so, of course, I am a Professional Excel Spreadsheet Artist, coming soon to a cubicle near you. In the past few years, I've worked on high-end projects for Samsonite (Marketing,) Akamai (Human Resources and then in the Sales Department,) and Hasbro.

I can usually work out the nastiest issues in Excel and might point up a few you may never have even realized where there.
If you need a consultant, you can reach me via my Contact Page and we can work out the details.

I'm also the owner of Messenger Web Brands. What started out as a domain investing hobby is turning into a full-fledged site flipping business. In 2014, I will also be offering Facebook Hub Pages for local businesses.

Did you notice my spelling of "realized?"
Yes, I'm definitely an American, born in Chicago (Wrigleyville, if you must know,) and raised in the suburbs.
I went to school in New England and have lived here since I married back in the last century.

I amuse myself with cycling, swimming, birds, blogging, graphics and music software that never quite lives up to the hype.

Some people (not many, but some,) want to know what my music and graphics are about and I'm using this site to save myself the aggravation of trying to send attachments or whatever.
Eventually, all of that stuff will be here.

Why Elicit Substance?
I originally bought the domain as traffic experiment.
Because so many confuse illicit and elicit, I thought I'd just settle it once and for all and hence, the definition is on my Home Page.

You were expecting a Pensive Artist picture?
Sorry. I don't play that game.

Have fun.
Be yourself.
Cross at the corner.
Walk with the light.

Special Thanks goes to the following sites that are incredible resources for customizing Google Sites

Steegle for help with Web Mapping issues.

Mori79 for the loads of practical examples and especially with embedding cross-platform compatible MP3's in Google Sites.

KC Cloud Solutions' Unofficial Google Sites Help Center for more examples of things you didn't know you could do with Google Sites.