Working In Inkscape

Well, the newest version of the vector editor called Inkscape was recently released.
As an Open Source software program, this thing really kicks and I have wanted to start using it more often since it seems to have everything needed for working in the Microstock industry but I was waiting for the new release so I could start from scratch and not have to re-learn things that I had just figured out.
My plan is to read the tutorials that are included in the offline Help File and then work through as many online tutorials as possible, starting with the online Help File.

You can check out the latest release at Inkscape

To start this off, here's the Flag of Sweden from the first walk-through in the online help file:

Believe it or not, this wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.
The grid lines are accurate but the file telling me where to draw the horizontal bar was off and I didn't have my opacity set to 100% so my first time through was a dark, offset failure.