Working in RealDRAW

RealDRAW is a graphics software app that's pretty addictive. You can download a trialware version over at Mediachance.
I use RD for just about every graphic in every website I have, including this one. It's screamingly easy to use.

Rich Osborne has started up his Themes for RealDRAW again and is putting them on the MMB Forums for now.
I like doing themes because it gives me the chance to work under the suggestions of someone else and forces me to stretch beyond my comfort zone.

Update for 2010
Well, the themes up and died THAT fast so I'll just toss some stuff here whenever I get a chance.

The monthly theme for September is Shapes and this is what I submitted.

For October, Rich went 3D and asked for Rings, Cones, Cubes, Pyramids, and Tubes.
This was what I put together:

But others were doing fantasy stuff... like Halloween things.
I couldn't leave well enough alone so I did another image but never submitted it.
Here's the one that never got submitted:

Basically, what you're looking at is a cat that came out of the Objects Library, a reaper that is from a collection donated by Ice Dreams, and some textured objects.

For November, Rich picked Fall Colors as the theme.
This was pretty hard.
I had wanted to do a brush and paint leaf piles but I don't have the technique down for editing brushes so I got stuck with a leaf wreath

In the meantime, a contributor by the name of George Troy had painted this awesome bird in RD.
I didn't even think painting like that was possible (even with the NPR applications) so now I've really got my work cut out for me.

Here's a submission from one of the old theme challenges. This one was "Water." The bubbles made the loading process slow down to a crawl.